Why Law Students Should Use Backpacks For School


Why Law Students Should Use Backpacks For School

Being in law school is not an easy journey for students. Amidst the academic workload, law students should find reliable school supplies and equipment to help them throughout semesters. While there are different types of school bags that law students can choose from, nothing beats a backpack to meet all of their law needs.

Unlike other satchels, backpacks are fabric bags with two straps worn on a person’s back. If you find the perfect backpack to carry your law school essentials, Bag Academy makes a list of great school backpacks you could use for your law school trip.

Before you buy your new backpack, you should understand why you need it and how it can help you with your law school:

1.Comfortable, practical and durable

Backpacks are a student favorite because of their everyday comfort. They are specially designed to distribute the heavy loads on your back so that you don’t feel tired even after hours of use. Unlike other bags, backpacks have two uniformly designed straps with padding to ensure the weight is evenly distributed over your shoulders.

As a law student, you might come across different circumstances involving messenger bags, shoulder bags, and other forms of bags to use. For example, when you need to use both arms or your hands in a certain situation, one of your arms or hands is already busy carrying a one-strap bag. With backpacks, it is convenient to move around because both arms are free.

Laptops are one of the best essentials in law school. Fortunately, backpacks can combine your laptop and other essentials in one place. You won’t have to carry a suitcase or laptop bag as there will be separate laptop storage space in most backpacks. They have thick padding and intricate stitching to keep your laptop safe during transport.

Finally, quality backpacks are made from the most durable materials. Some of them include polyester, nylon, canvas, and other heavy fabrics that can last for years of use. To help your backpack last longer, be sure to clean and take good care of it.

2. A lot of organization

Law student thinking about graduation
Law student thinking about graduation

To go to law school, you need to bring various academic and personal essentials at the same time. These items are not the same size, shape, and nature, so you can’t just put them in one storage. This is when backpacks become ultra-practical because they are made up of organizational spaces for each type of object.

You have a separate padded compartment for your laptop or tablet on the main compartment as mentioned above. You can also put books, folders or papers that require maximum security against folding and creasing. The other compartment is for notebooks, notepads, pencil case, essentials kit and all your major items.

Besides the main compartment, there are smaller compartments for your other personal items and smaller items. The front of your backpack is designed to be the most accessible part, so you can place frequently used items like your wallet, writing instruments, small notepads or pocket diary.

3. Provides a safe way to carry essentials

With backpacks, you won’t have to worry about your items as backpacks have strong enough fabric and padding to protect them. Other conventional bags, such as messenger bags, briefcases, and suitcases, which legal professionals primarily use, generally don’t offer a lot of padding.

Even though the backpacks are made from durable materials, they are still quite light and flexible. These features do not prevent you from offering optimal security. Plus, some backpacks even come with waterproof features that keep your things from getting wet in the rain. If your backpack doesn’t have this feature, you can always purchase a rain cover for it.

Being the culmination of security, anti-theft backpacks have stellar security features for your daily commute to law school or even on long trips. You won’t have to worry about walking the crowded streets as your personal belongings will be safe.

Some of the best security features of anti-theft backpacks are:

  • Lockable zippers
  • Cut resistant fabrics
  • Secret pockets and compartments
  • Cable lock
  • Anchor strap
  • RFID shielding technology

4.Can be transported for long periods

As mentioned earlier, the unique feature of backpacks is the way they evenly distribute the weight of items. As a law student, you probably need to bring more than one textbook and piles of reading material each day, excluding your personal items. If you try to store these items in single strap bags, you will surely have a hard time carrying them, especially for long periods of time.

Backpacks with wide, padded shoulder straps are useful features for carrying your law school essentials. In addition, the chest and waist belts on some backpacks allow you to distribute heavier loads better. But, take note not to overload more than 15% of your body weight. Finally, their abundance in the compartments also allows a better distribution of the loads.

5. Prevents back and shoulder pain

Carrying heavy loads of case and textbook readings on your bag doesn’t mean back and shoulder pain tomorrow. Backpacks protect your shoulders and back from stress and fatigue. Combining all of the features described above, backpacks allow you to carry more things without carrying too much weight on your stuff.

One of the main disadvantages of other types of bags, such as shoulder bags and messenger bags, is their weight and size. Too much load on your bag is carried by only one shoulder, which can cause muscle strain, especially when you wear it for a long time.

Since the backpacks have two padded straps, the weight is distributed evenly on both sides, so you will never come across uneven arm level and posture. However, be sure to pay attention to your posture when carrying a backpack so you don’t get used to slouching too much.

6.Offer an array of styles, designs, colors and sizes

Finally, each student has their own style and preferences when it comes to choosing their bags. Studying in a professional discipline, like law, doesn’t mean you can’t unleash your inner “style and trend.” As well as checking the quality and price of your backpack options, also look for the one that catches your eye the most.

Backpacks never run out of stylish ideas that can suit any personality. There is a wide range of colors which can be solid or mixed colors. You can also choose from many design options, such as sleek and minimalist or bold and flashy. When it comes to styles, backpack brands have their own way of showcasing the compartments of a backpack with a variety of materials they use.

Depending on the size of your belongings, there is a specific backpack size for you. For example, if you have sleek ultrabook laptops today, with screen sizes ranging from 12 “to 14”, there is a backpack size for you. If you have a larger laptop, filing cabinet, or folder, you’ll never run out of options.


A specific generalization that most law students receive is that briefcases and suitcases are becoming more common in their population, but not all law students actually use these bags. Students have many bag options, especially backpacks, which meet their daily law needs.

Law students should definitely consider having a backpack because of the comfort, convenience, durability, organization, security, and design it offers before moving on to the world of backpacking. ‘business.


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