Triple Celebration of King Alfred School Academy

A SCHOOL hosted an incredible celebration of 100 years of the Royal British Legion, the Queen’s Jubilee and 40 years since the Falklands War.

The King Alfred School Academy hosted the Royal British Legion and the Mayor of Burnham-on-Sea for the incredible triple celebration.

Joined by special guests and dignitaries, students and staff from School 11-18 in Highbridge created a moving tribute.

First, they marked 100 years of the Royal British Legion with the planting of a Rowan Tree – which produces the school colors all year round with bright red flowers and berries.

Then they unveiled a plaque for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Finally, they enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of cream tea where they were served by students.

There were also exhibits from each of the three celebrations.

Students and staff had produced dozens of exhibits covering 100 years of history related to the region, the school and the events.

Weekly News from Burnham and Highbridge:

John Crosby, Chairman of Burnham and District Royal British Legion, was guest of honor along with Mayor Lesley Millard and other RBL members.

Mr Crosby was a member of the Royal Air Force Police for nine years, from 1957 to 1966.

He said at the event: “I am delighted to dedicate this Rowan Tree, chosen because of its flowering in the spring and its bright red berries in the fall – all the colors of the school.

“I hope it grows and flourishes for many years to come.”

Weekly News from Burnham and Highbridge:

Mayor Lesley Millard said, “I had the privilege of attending the commemoration celebrations and enjoyed the opportunity to meet the students.

“It was good to see the work the students had done around the British Legion and the Falklands War.

“It is these life stories that help us remember the sacrifice that so many of our armed forces make every day, somewhere in the world.

“I think bringing different generations together builds a common understanding. I would love to see more members of our community come together to work to improve our city. We can learn so much from each other.

Director Dan Milford said: “It was a really lovely event. It was a real honor to welcome our special guests and to commemorate three major events in the history of our school and our country.

Weekly News from Burnham and Highbridge:

Weekly News from Burnham and Highbridge:

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