Taylor Ramos is running for Missoula County Public School Board

Taylor Ramos is running for the Missoula County School Board in District B for Bonner and Target Range.

She explained to the KGVO the reasons for her candidacy.

“I present myself as a young woman who is looking to have children in the future, but children are the future of this country,” Ramos said. “I feel like their interest and that of their parents has been neglected for too long.”

Ramos said the current school board does not represent children and their parents.

“Just looking at the way the Missoula County Public School Board has operated, it operates like a giant, bureaucratic government agency instead of an agency that represents the country’s most valuable assets, which are our children and parents. of these kids trying to raise the next generation,” she said.

Ramos said her only goal, if elected, was to represent the views of parents, not pursuing her own agenda.

“I want to present myself as the voice of parents, not with my own agenda,” she said. “I don’t have any program that I’m trying to pass off as the school board for the parents or any of the kids. I think we need to stop fighting each other and listen to what the parents are saying instead. Because at the end of the day it is their children who are in school and they trust us with this gift of their children and the spirit of their children, their education and, quite frankly, the future of their children .

Ramos was asked about her role in helping choose new programs for school districts.

“We need to look at the different types of programs that are out there and help teachers decide what’s best, while also taking parent input and looking at what other schools across the state and country are doing,” he said. she declared. . “We should look at the top schools with the best educated students coming out of them and see what they do, and maybe model what we implement in Missoula County after those schools.”

Ramos also told KGVO that she would not in any way propose or support the teaching of critical race theory in Missoula County public schools.

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