Taraba College of Nursing Praises Governor Ishaku for Reviving Institution

Provost of Taraba State College of Nursing and Sagewifery Jalingo, Ms. Esther Danjuma has praised Governor Darius Ishaku for reviving the institution after ten years of neglect.

Danjuma praised in a press release on Saturday while reacting to media reports that the governor dropped out of school to break down, and defended that ten years after the administration dropped out of school Governor Ishaku revived it and is now producing 450 nursing graduates. annual.

She said the action was politically motivated to highlight Governor Ishaku’s good work in transforming the school.

“Governor Darius Ishaku’s government has successfully repositioned the school despite the collapse of infrastructure and education it inherited, which led to the school being banned by the highest regulatory body in the world. medical care.

“Taraba Jalingo State College of Nursing and Midwifery will be one of the legacies that the Ishaku administration will remember. The institution’s academic activities were halted for ten years by the Nigeria Nursing Board for neglect by previous administrations.

“The good news is that the institution is now fully operational following the state of emergency declared by the Ishaku administration in the health sector.

“While the heavy downpours seen in the state have affected the roof of some ongoing construction projects at the school, that does not mean Governor Darius Ishaku has dropped out of the school to decay.

“Certain groups of people and politicians are just dragging the institution into troubled political waters with the intention of highlighting the good work Governor Ishaku has done to transform the institution,” the provost defended.


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