State Recognizes Monterey High School Academy – Monterey Herald

The California Department of Education gives an exclusive nod to local programming.

Monterey High School’s Sports Professions and Recreational Careers Academy has been named a 2022 California Partnership Academies Distinguished Academy. It is one of only three programs across the state to receive this select award.

“Being recognized as a Distinguished California Partnership Academy is an incredible achievement, and being named one of three statewide is significant and a testament to the commitment of the staff and the commitment of our students,” said Tom Newton, Principal of Monterey High. in a press release.

There are hundreds of schools across the state that subscribe to the California Partnership Academies model – essentially a three-year program structured like a school within a school. The academies incorporate integrated academic and professional technical training, business partnerships, mentoring and internships.

According to the California Department of Education, Distinguished Academies are those that “demonstrate exceptional fidelity to delivering high-quality educational programs that integrate core academics and professional technical training to benefit dozens of thousands of promising California high school students.

This type of work at Monterey High’s Sports Professions and Recreational Careers Academy dates back to 1999. Funded by a state grant, the program is designed for students wishing to pursue a career in sports, sports medicine or related fields. Hobbies. The academy’s mission is to provide students with a college-preparatory education, pushing them to fulfill the University of California/California State University admission requirements throughout their tenure in the program. About 120 Monterey High students attend the academy each year, at least 50% of whom are identified as at risk.

In addition to college qualifications, students are also required to complete a 60-hour internship in the health/recreation career fields in the profession that most interests them. In order to prepare students for their internship search, community professionals are asked to complete a mock interview process with each program participant. Additionally, students have the opportunity throughout the year to visit various college campuses and technical schools, as well as participate in hands-on activities at local vocational schools related to the healthcare industry.

“We are proud to support our students in their high school goals and future goals,” Monterey High vice-principal Chelsea Warner said in a press release.

More information about the Monterey High School Academy of Athletic and Recreational Careers can be found here.

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