State Council Approves Public School Funding Rule

BOISE, Idaho (KIFI) – The Idaho State Board of Education on Thursday approved a temporary rule extending an expired temporary rule that bases funding for Idaho public schools on student enrollment instead than on attendance.

The temporary rule expired last month when the legislature adjourned sine die. Thursday’s Board action extends the enrollment-based funding rule through the end of the 2023 legislative session.

The action was taken to stabilize public school funding, which has fluctuated in recent years across school districts and state charters as many parents choose to keep their students home due to the pandemic. Council members plan to work with lawmakers to find a permanent solution when the Legislative Assembly convenes in January.

“We have to solve the long-term problem,” said board chairman Kurt Liebich. “What we’re doing is providing budget certainty to our districts and charters at a time when they need it to educate our students coming out of the pandemic.”

Another Virtual Charter School of Choice

The board directed its executive director to appoint a hearing officer to hear an appeal by Another Choice Virtual Charter School. The Idaho Public Charter School Commission recently voted not to renew the virtual school’s charter, and the school filed an appeal with the State Board. The hearing officer will hold a public hearing on the matter over the next few weeks and will make a recommendation to the Board.

Elected Board Members

The Council of State re-elected Council President Kurt Liebich and elected Dr. Linda Clark as Vice President and Dr. David Hill as Secretary. Board members will serve until April 2023.

The regular April board meeting was held at the University of Idaho campus in Moscow.

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