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Parent Calls Grade 7 Special Education Pictures “Stick Figure Porn”

Some parents in schools in the Saline area are unhappy with the sex education materials the district plans to give to children with developmental disabilities from grade seven and up, with one parent calling it “figure porn. stick “.

Parents will be able to opt out of the program, but that does not satisfy parents who fear their children will be ostracized for not agreeing to take the course.

Michigan Capitol Confidential received emailed copies of the visual displays used in the program, which the school district said would be included.

The images show stick figures in various sexual positions. The “gender person” image that deals with biological sex in one slide reads, “Your parts of your body… identify you as a man, a woman or maybe someone in between”.

Some images are sexually explicit. They can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6, Image 7

Saline Superintendent Steve Laatsch has confirmed that the program will include illustrations.

Laatsch said in an email: “This program is evidence-based and medically accurate, designed with knowledge of the needs of students with significant disabilities; The material includes visual aids to help students with disabilities access and understand concepts and words associated with sexuality education. Although generally developed students can understand by simply reading the words, these students need evidence-based visual aids. “

Laatsch said there were several opportunities for parents to review the material and opt out.

Laatsch said in an email, “Michigan state law provides parents with the ability to review documents in advance, follow instructions, and remove their child without penalty. This program is organized as a module to allow parents, teachers and caregivers to select personalized content to meet the needs of each student. For each lesson, parents have multiple opportunities to sign off and engage in follow-up discussions at home.

Raelyn Davis is a mother of children who frequent the neighborhood. She is concerned that the district will eventually adopt the program for all students.

Davis is concerned that the program encourages same-sex attraction, same-sex couples and abortion, issues she believes should be left to parents to guide their children.

“It’s too graphic. He goes into too much detail on some issues and not enough on others. There are too many reasons to remove the kids instead of the occasional exception, ”Davis said in an email.

Ben DeGrow, director of education policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, said the Saline controversy highlights the importance of school choice in that state.

“Parents should have the right not only to be upset by the importance of teaching sensitive subjects, but also to take charge of fundamental decisions regarding the academic and moral development of their children,” DeGrow said. “If they don’t like what they see in the classroom and the school can’t fix it to their satisfaction, they should be able to redirect the funds intended for their child to another education of their choice.


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