Scholarships and stipends – Keough School


General merit scholarships

Keough School is committed to attracting the most promising students into the Master of Global Affairs, regardless of their financial standing or circumstances, and to ensuring that students do not graduate with debts that hold them back. prevent them from having an impact and from pursuing their professional vocation. Public Service.

Funding for general merit scholarships is provided by:

Ansari Institute scholarship

Choi Family Scholarship

Riberas Orjales family scholarship

Coca-Cola Global Affairs Scholarship

Donald and Marilyn Keough scholarship

John Hahn / Leticia Foncillas scholarship

Katter family scholarship

Kellogg Institute scholarship

Keough School Scholarship

Kinesis-Fernández Richards Family Grant (Funding for U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico)

Kroc Institute scholarship

McKenna Center scholarship

Monaghan Family Global Scholarship

Nanovic Institute scholarship

Paul and Regina Rogalski Global Affairs Scholarship

Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellowship

Pulte family scholarship

Rev. Robert Pelton, SCC Camaraderie

Samuel and Kathleen Awad Fellowship in Global Affairs

Thomas D. McCloskey Peace Fellowship

Lu Sun and Arthur Zhang scholarship

A travel and living allowance is also available for summer field internships within the limits required Integration laboratory.


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