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Windang PS: They pride themselves on their excellent programs which promote self-confidence, resilience, citizenship, respect and responsibility. Photos: provided

Windang Public School is a world-class school that provides an exceptional education where students reach their personal best and develop strong communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.

“This year we celebrate 80 years of outstanding public education,” said Deputy Principal Ashley Davies. “Alumni, families and staff are cordially invited to our 80th day of celebration at the school, followed by a cocktail party at Club Windang on Friday November 4.”

Founded in 1942, the school prides itself on being at the heart of its community, enrolling many children who are second and even third generation students.

“We have a strong focus on creating a safe, happy and caring environment,” she said. “Academic excellence is our goal, balanced with the creative and performing arts as well as sport.

“Our teachers are highly qualified and caring, dedicated to instilling a love of learning in all students, laying the foundation for a full, informed and rewarding life.”

Students and staff enjoy access to a world-class computer network system with brand new interactive whiteboards and video conferencing facilities as well as laptop, Chromebook or iPad provided from K-6 year.

To maximize students’ realization of their reading potential, they have embarked on a journey of reading science with their systematic program in Synthetic Phonetics linking reading, spelling and writing.

Renovation: Classrooms, library and play areas. The values ​​of the school are always safety, unity in learning, respect and cooperation, and equity in work and leisure.

“Our incredible team supports small groups of students in literacy, numeracy and wellbeing as well as sport and creative play,” said Ms Davies. “If you pass by during lunch or recess, you might see our teaching staff and SLSOs in their high visibility vests!”

There are handball, basketball, football, touch football, oztag and running clubs, as well as construction, concrete chalk drawings, band, chess and the painting.

“We believe the best education happens when parents and schools work together,” she added. “Our Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) is actively involved and there is a community gardening club in Windang.

“We offer enrichment programs to enhance our students’ learning. These include robotics, coding, and ‘living’ classrooms.

“Students enjoy the weekly ChiME music and guitar lessons, jamming and choir sessions, the school band and the Southern Stars band.”

All students take part in the NSW Premier reading, writing, spelling, public speaking and sports challenges. Camp trips are organized for students every year.

The Student Leadership Program and other initiatives foster leadership and decision-making in students of all ages.

“We develop confident and articulate students with skills to collaborate with others, solve real-world problems, think creatively, connect through technology, and develop their ethical values, social responsibility and well-being for be engaged citizens,” she added.

“Sport and healthy active lifestyles are promoted and we take advantage of our beautiful natural surroundings providing days of fishing, walking, surfing for sport, as well as surfing safety and awareness.

“Also tennis, lawn bowling and competitive sports like touch football played at the Windang football ground. Students participate in sports and fitness activities not limited to netball, football, swimming program , gala days and carnivals.

“We are proud of our accomplishments, our students, our community and our staff.” See windang-p.schools.nsw.gov.au

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