Ram of Kamloops offers free workout programs for high school and college students


Rohit Ram watches over himself in 10th grade, the skinny, petrified teenager who was too intimidated to pursue his goals in the gym.

The 18-year-old St. Ann’s Academy graduate and now a student at Thompson Rivers University offers free workout plans and nutritional advice to high school and college students through his website, rohitramfitness.com.

“When I was younger my journey into fitness wasn’t great,” said Ram, who studies business at TRU. “I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have enough money for the coaches. I couldn’t really afford it. I was so scared of being judged that maybe I just went. once a week or once every two weeks I want these kids to know it’s okay to start small No one will judge you.

Rohit Ram: “I keep doing it just to make people smile.”

Ram launched his website in December and has offered advice and workout programs to more than 50 people, including a dozen who are in regular contact with the generous gym guru.

He prepares personalized plans for some of them and sends videos from his home gym to provide examples of how the exercises are performed. Downloadable programs are available for both men and women.

“There is distorted information on the Internet. You don’t know what the person is really trying to tell you, ”said Ram, who also offers Zoom calls. “I remember a mother telling me it was good because she couldn’t afford to train her child. Stuff like that keeps me going.

Ram is quick to offer the warning that he is not a certified trainer.

“But I feel like I have gained enough experience and knowledge over the past two years to help children, older teens or young adults improve their fitness,” he says. on its website.

A career in business is in Ram’s future.

For now, its services are offered free of charge.

“I keep doing it just to make people smile,” Ram said. “It’s just good to see people growing up. Their progress is off the charts. It was awesome.


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