Patrizio Piraino – Keough School


Areas of expertise: Global education; development and labor markets, with a focus on drivers of social mobility and mechanisms of social exclusion

Patrizio Piraino is an applied micro-economist specializing in education, work and development. He has extensive expertise on issues related to global socio-economic mobility, having worked on data from several countries. In recent years, Piraino has worked on experimental evaluations, developing significant expertise in randomized controlled trials. For example, it has worked with government agencies and the World Bank to conduct impact assessments of alternative public services to promote work readiness and youth employment. He is also director of the Ford Program in Human Development and Solidarity Studies to Kellogg Institute for International Studies.

Piraino has spent many years of his career in South Africa, where he has published extensively on education and labor markets. He has published regularly in leading economic journals, as well as in several media in other disciplines.

He is currently working on projects ranging from the impact of innovative post-primary education programs using field experiences to cross-national comparative analyzes of socio-economic mobility.


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