Pasquotank Correctional Institution Appoints New Warden

PASQUOTANK COUNTY, NC (WAVY) – Pasquotank Correctional Institution welcomes a new warden.

On Monday, the Adult Corrections and Juvenile Justice Division announced that it had appointed Daniel Everett as the new director of Pasquotank Correctional Facility in Elizabeth City.

Everett has been the Assistant Director of Operations at Pamlico Correctional in Bayboro since 2018.

“Warden Everett has led a life of service to our prisons and our country,” said Todd Ishee, Commissioner of Prisons. “He has two decades of practical experience and has worked in the prison he will lead. He is a welcome addition to our team of caretakers who work hard to protect our communities with care and commitment. “

Everett will be responsible for all operations at the prison, which houses close and minimum guard men. The facility consists of four buildings which include a visitation area, recreation area, dining hall, warehouse, professional and university classrooms, medical and mental health offices, and administrative offices.

Inmates can also take jobs at the prison on kitchen, janitorial and maintenance staff. The prison education program also helps inmates to pass the high school equivalency test or develop skills through vocational training programs.

In Monday’s press release, Everett said his main goal is to hire and retain quality staff.

“We have jobs for dedicated people who are interested in a career in public service, to protect their communities,” he said. “These are important jobs with an important mission.”

Everett worked in state government for years. He began his career with the Department of Public Safety in 2000 as a correctional officer at Pasquotank Correctional Institution. He also worked at Craven Correctional, then moved to Pamlico Correctional and eventually got the position of Deputy Director.

Everett is a veteran of the United States Army. He served from 1992 to 1998 and held the rank of sergeant.

The new director also holds a General Training Certificate in Criminal Justice and North Carolina Training Standards and is an instructor in cell extraction, pepper spray use and controls, restraints and defensive techniques.

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