Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System Selects New Superintendent


MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MI – Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System has selected Arnetta Thompson, Assistant Superintendent of Talent Management and Education, to be the next superintendent of the school system.

The academy’s board of directors voted unanimously to begin contract negotiations with Thompson following an internal search for a new superintendent, according to a press release.

Thompson, who has been an educator for 31 years, will take over on August 23 following the resignation of current Superintendent Rané Garcia.

Garcia was recently selected to be the Michigan Department of Education’s first director of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Muskegon Heights School Board Chairman Garland Kilgore said he expected a “smooth and seamless” leadership transition before Garcia left.

“Dr. Thompson has shown his ability to lead successfully,” Kilgore said in a prepared statement. “His training, coupled with his leadership experience across school systems, helped us make our decision. is an integral part of the team that helped reshape and align the Muskegon Heights Public School academy system to success.

Thompson was a director of Muskegon Heights for three years. She helped develop the school system‘s Supporting Emerging Educator Development (SEED) teacher residency program, which enables Muskegon Heights staff with a bachelor’s degree to obtain certification in teaching through Grand Valley State University. .

The program has helped stabilize teacher retention rates in the school system, which have been consistently at 95% over the past 24 months, compared to 50% in previous years.

Thompson worked in education for three decades, having served as a teacher, athletic trainer, athletic director, assistant manager, director and assistant superintendent, according to the press release.

She received a BA in Secondary Education with a concentration in Biology from Tennessee Technological University, an MA in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University, an Education Specialist Diploma from GVSU, and a PhD from Eastern Michigan University.

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