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Creation of new businesses, social entrepreneurship and innovation; corporate venturing; entrepreneurship and poverty; entrepreneurial marketing; pedagogy of creativity and entrepreneurship; business emergence; recognition of opportunities; resourcing strategies

At Keough School

Michael H. Morris is a faculty member at Keough School’s McKenna Center for Human Development and Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame.


Research and publications

Morris is the author of 14 books, 26 book chapters, and over 140 articles in peer-reviewed journals. He co-edits the Prentice-Hall Entrepreneurship Series and is editor-in-chief of Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship. A pioneer in curricular innovation and experiential learning, he has established three university entrepreneurship programs that have been ranked among the top 10 in the United States and have achieved global recognition for their excellence. Morris is also the founder and director of the Experiential Classroom, a clinic that shares best practices in entrepreneurship education with faculty around the world.

Recent work


What do entrepreneurs create? Understanding four types of businesses (2020), Edward Elgar Publishing (with Donald Kuratko)

Poverty and entrepreneurship in developed economies (2018), Edward Elgar Publishing (with Susana Santos and Xaver Neumeyer)

Newspaper articles

“Entrepreneurship and Poverty” (2021), Small Business Management Journal59, 1-30 (with Reginald Tucker).

“Outcomes of family and innovation in family businesses: the mediating role of entrepreneurial orientation”, (2021), Small Business Management Journal59, (with M. Jocic).

“Following in the footsteps that inspire: parental passion, family communication patterns and children’s entrepreneurial attitudes” (2021), Business Research Journal128, 450-461, (with Sohrab Soleimanof and Youngseok Jang).

Effectuation and Causality, Firm Performance and Institutional Impact: A Multi-Country Moderation Analysis (2021), Business Research Journal129, 169-182, (with Galina Shirokova, Anastasia Laskovaia and Evelyn Micelotta).

“Overcoming the liability of poverty: disadvantage, fragility and the entrepreneur of poverty”, Small Business Economics(2020) (with Donald Kuratko and D. Audretsch).

“The responsibility of poverty: why the playing field is not level for poor entrepreneurs”, (2020), Poverty and public policy12(3), 304-315.

“Poverty and Entrepreneurship in Developed Economies: Reassessing the Roles of Policy and Community Action” (2020), Poverty Diary25(2), 97-118, (with Reginald Tucker).

“The major fractures of social entrepreneurship” (2020), Small Business Economics(with Susana Santos and Donald Kuratko).

“Entrepreneurship as a solution to poverty in developed countries” (2020), Business horizonsMay-June, (with Susana Santos and Xaver Neumeyer).

“Entrepreneurship education in a context of poverty: an empowerment perspective”, (2019), Review of Small business management, 57, 6-32. (with S. Santos & X. Neumeyer).

“Who’s Left Behind: Exploring Social Boundaries in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems” (2019), Review of Technology transfer44 (2), 462-484, (with X. Neumeyer).

In the media

Opinion Editor: Starting a business to get out of poverty in South Bend (South Bend Grandstand)


Morris has worked to bring the empowerment of entrepreneurship to those operating in conditions of adversity, and this commitment is reflected in his research, teaching and community engagement efforts. At Notre Dame he launched the Global Partnership for Poverty and Entrepreneurship, a resource-sharing consortium for scholars, educators, and community leaders, and the Urban Poverty and Business Initiative, which helps low-income members of urban communities start their own businesses. Morris also coordinates the Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program in South Africa, which allows students to work with historically disadvantaged entrepreneurs in Cape Town, South Africa.

Morris is a past president of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE). He received the Edwin & Gloria Appel Award for Contributions to Entrepreneurship and the Dedication to Entrepreneurship Award from the Academy of Management. A former Fulbright Scholar, Morris was named one of the top 20 teachers of entrepreneurship by small business fortune, and received the Leavey Award from the Freedoms Foundation for his impact on teaching in private enterprise. The USASBE recognized him as Educator of the Year in Entrepreneurship in 2012. He earned a doctorate in marketing from Virginia Tech in 1983.

Recognitions and awards

  • 2021 Legacy Award, Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers

News and Messages

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