Meet your candidates for the post of public school commissioner in wards 3 and 4



When you go to the polls on October 18, in addition to voting for the mayor and city councilor, you will also be voting for a school councilor.

CBC News reached out to all of the candidates in Ward 3 and 4 and asked them to write their own short bio with strict word count by introducing themselves and explaining what issues would be important to them if elected to the school board.

There are five candidates running in Wards 3 and 4, one of which is the incumbent, Althea Adams, who served as a director for one term.

Althea Adams, incumbent

Althea Adams is running for re-election as public school commissioner in wards 3 and 4. (Submitted)

The Calgary Board of Education has always been an important part of my life. I grew up in CBE schools as a first generation Canadian and my father was a teacher at CBE. Today, I am proud to send my two children to the CBE schools where we live in Ward 4. I actively participated in school councils before being elected administrator of CBE in 2017.

I am an experienced administrator, serving the last four years as administrator for wards 3 and 4, two of those years as vice chairman of the board, elected to this post by my fellow administrators. This experience taught me to look at our system as a whole while considering equity in learning and resources.

Over the past four years, the board has put a lot of great stuff in place, including: a risk management framework to help guide ECF priorities, an equity index to better allocate resources , a curriculum evaluation framework to ensure ECF programs are reviewed regularly, and a holistic lifelong learning framework for Indigenous education.

As an administrator, I will ensure that as many dollars as possible are allocated directly to schools and classrooms, I will focus on improving student outcomes and graduation rates, and I will build the confidence of the public through transparency and community engagement.

Najeeb Buttocks

Najeeb Butt is running for public school administrator in wards 3 and 4. (Submitted)

As a public school counselor, I will personally put the success of all students above all else and work hard to inspire education to achieve better results in academic achievement, good civic behavior, personal development (mainly in character) and other important areas to ensure that all students have a safe and peaceful atmosphere at school.

I have lived in the city of Calgary for over two decades and fully understand the needs of families in my community. I will give my best to improve students’ skills in education and extracurricular activities. I will be your strong voice in wards 3 and 4. I will work hard to ensure that the Calgary Board of Education meets the needs of students and supports funding for public education and special programs for students with a range of limited movement and cognitive problems.

A strong voice works well and I am committed to working diligently and achieving better results.

Claudia Fuentes

Claudia Fuentes is a candidate for the post of public school commissioner in wards 3 and 4. (Submitted)

I was born and raised in Concepcion-Chile and came to Canada as an international student in 2000 and have lived in Calgary for over 20 years. I am a mother of two daughters and a successful small business owner. I care deeply about the children in our community and take time away from life and business to make our schools an even better place for our children.

I decided to run for the public school board knowing that education can be a transformative experience. We need to invest in the next generation by bringing together families, community groups, businesses and schools to support our youth. My goal will be to listen and consult with voters (parents) and share information with local government and the CBE to defend the best interests of the students.

In addition, I would like to help set and track goals to help students increase motivation, build confidence, overcome challenges, and hope to pursue post-secondary education. We can create positive change in Calgary when we put our children first.

Laura hack

Laura Hack is a candidate for the post of public school commissioner in wards 3 and 4. (Submitted)

Laura is a mother, teacher and education advocate with a deep connection to the communities of Ward 3 and 4 who have lived in Brentwood, Beddington and Coventry Hills.

Laura graduated from the University of Alberta in 2011 with a Bachelor of Education degree. Graduated as a math and science teacher, she has worked with students and their parents from Kindergarten to Grade 12. She knows firsthand what students need to thrive in a classroom environment. She and her husband have two children who attend the local public school where she sits on the school council. She has dedicated her working and volunteering life to children and her community, and that position would be no different.

Among Laura’s priorities for Trusteeship is public engagement, where she will be dedicated to attending local events, school council meetings and community association meetings. She understands the importance of listening to and standing up for all members of the community she serves. She has listened to and believes that funding for special needs and student-teacher ratios can make a huge difference in a child’s education.

Laura’s passion and experience uniquely qualifies her to be your public school counselor in wards 3 and 4. She is here to serve on the board full time and continue to advocate on behalf of parents and especially children. students.

Oun Saegh

Oun Saegh is a candidate for the post of public school commissioner in wards 3 and 4. (Submitted)

Oun Saegh chose not to submit a biography despite multiple attempts by CBC News.


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