Mayor Lowe says BCC is nation’s only debt-free institution

Mayor Lowe made the remarks last Saturday in Mosque Road during a town hall meeting.

She added that they also maxed the council’s revenue by a 45% margin, closing all but two of the council’s accounts.

She further said that they have also reduced business licenses for tailors, carpenters, barbers, mechanics, saloons and convenience stores. To strike a balance, they have increased business licenses for banks, shipping agencies and other institutions that operate in higher capacities.

The mayoress of the capital added that she had also carried out a massive restructuring and that she had thus tackled the problems of ghost workers, created a procurement office, appointed a qualified financial director and strengthened its accounting department, created a records office, recruited more city security officers, introduced a suggested digital entry and exit clock box and system, and brought electricity back to the council as the council ran on a generator for more four years before taking office.

She revealed that they are also improving staff capacity through capacity building as well as increased salaries and allowances for all staff and advisors.

The council, she also said, provided scholarships to more than 200 young people in the city of Banjul, paid medical bills for seriously ill residents, donated two well-equipped ambulances to EFSTH and the Cross -Rouge de Banjul, donates books and other useful materials to schools. She said they donated trash cans and sanitary materials to schools and helped teachers in capacity building by sending them abroad for bilateral studies.

According to her, they have also improved the waste management system in the city of Banjul by providing free bins/garbage cans to all resorts in the city and now collect waste twice a week from each resort.

The council, she said, also mobilized the matching contribution funds for the construction of the BCC complex and the Youth for Excellence center and also built the smart center with classes at the Crab Island school.

The council has also sponsored Banjulians to attend international conferences, supported culture, music and religious activities, provided aid to disaster victims and also made an immense contribution during covid-19, she said.

In addition, she said that the council has also given 10 million dinars as a loan with minimal administrative cost to empower women in Banjul through Rohey Malick Lowe’s Women and Girls Empowerment Initiative .

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