Lyrik’s Institution, KC Art Institute uses art to create

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kyle Hollins wants to give the hand he never had as a kid. Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, Hollins faced the realities of crime and poverty.

He admits that these experiences influenced his way of thinking and behaving, eventually leading him down a path that ended in a nearly 8-year prison sentence.

“I know where untapped, unfiltered talent can go if no one is there to hold their hand and guide them through some of the traumatic things and struggles they go through,” Hollins said.

Even before he got out of jail, he started working on a solution: The Establishment of Lyrik. The nonprofit is named after his daughter Lyrik Clinton, who will be in eighth grade next year.

The non-profit organization was officially launched in 2019. It focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy through creative arts.

Hollins believes that a tailored curriculum along with relevant teachers showing real-life applications of their lessons can lead to behavior change.

“If they don’t work through those thought processes now, they won’t be really prepared,” Hollins said.

He particularly focuses on the creative arts, where Kansas City Art Institute Between. For the second year, he sponsored a summer artistic program where approximately 20 teenagers from Lyrik’s Institution come to the college campus, learn how to create art, and discover the opportunities that art presents for furthering their education and future careers.

“It proves that when we all work together towards a common goal, great things can happen,” he said. chance.’ That’s what the Art Institute has done with us.”

His own daughter, Lyrik, participates in the summer artistic program. She said lessons in how to think before you react landed with her.

“Just feel [the criticism] and reconsider what you’re doing and reflect on what they’ve said and try to turn it into something more positive,” Lyrik said of his new approach.

Much like the artwork these teens created this month, Hollins thinks each student has evolved.

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