Lubbock Fire Rescue Hosts High School Academy To Boost Recruitment


LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – After a successful first year, Lubbock Fire Rescue hopes to attract more students and area school districts to its fire academy.

“We not only wanted to tell you how to be a firefighter, but to give you the opportunity,” said LFR captain Phillip Grandon. “We want you to come to our program so that you can be a firefighter. “

The academy is a collaboration with South Plains College, which has hosted an adult evening academy for many years. This high school program welcomed a total of 19 senior Lubbock Cooper ISD and Lubbock ISD during its first year.

“The fire department, being a profession, has sort of the same issues as other trades where recruitment is down and interest is low,” said Grandon.

After completing the one-year academy, seniors obtain a certificate from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. Kolter Simmons, who attends Coronado High School, said the opportunity to attend the academy came at the right time when he decided to take an EMT course as well.

“It would have been a much longer process,” Simmons said. “I should have done a lot more education, it would have taken a lot longer. This is essentially a very fast track for us to excel in our future careers. “

Simmons told KCBD he has decided that fighting fires will be his career choice. However, some of his senior colleagues had not made that decision while attending the academy, but say that being exposed to various aspects of firefighting piqued their interest.

“I would say that even though I didn’t become a firefighter, I learned the utmost respect for all of our utilities, which put their lives at risk every day just to protect us and keep us safe,” said Lubbock High. School principal Ethan Maples said. “I have great respect for the physical and mental capacity they have to train every day and to protect us.”

For other students, it reinforced their desire to help people.

“It’s the most successful thing I have ever done in my life,” said Cody Miller, senior at Coronado High School. “I never knew what I wanted to do after high school and it just gave me everything I needed.”

Grandon said the academy will expand to Roosevelt ISD and Idalou ISD next year. He hopes other districts will join the program and that other Lubbock students will enroll.

“If you are a junior at any ISD high school in Lubbock, please come to the Lubbock Fire Rescue training center on May 1 from 10 am to 12 noon,” said Grandon. “We have an open house for you to see the facility and get more information. If you have a student who is interested in this program, parents, please bring your student in so that we can give them more information on how to join this program.

LFR’s training center is located at Fire Station 2 at 1515 E. Ursuline Street.

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