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Mr. Mohammed Bah launched a Gofundme / fundraising campaign

As a result of a severe storm and heavy rains, the Yalon City Public School building suffered severe degradation. In the aftermath of the storm, a damaged roof and a collapsed building prompted students to learn in an inhospitable environment. Before the storm destroyed the school, many challenges presented risks: Students had to endure uncomfortable conditions in their classrooms by sitting on the floor and receiving instructions on a wall instead of a blackboard.

Due to the above, a Liberian undergraduate student studying at the University of Rochester in New York, USA raised $ 1,634 for the renovation of Yalon Town Public School located in Yalon, in Margibi County. Mohammed Bah has started a Gofundme / fundraising campaign under the name “Help Renovate Yalon Town Public School”.

In the past, through the Moijama Educational Foundation, which he co-founded, the foundation has donated benches, blackboards and a desk to ensure a comfortable learning environment for students.

Yalon City Public School is the only school providing primary education to young students in more than 20 rural villages serving hundreds of families and students. Mohammed, the campaign organizer, revealed that in addition to the ruined school building, other issues hamper students’ ability to learn: Windows are smashed and students are forced to sit in the sun to participate to class activities because the roof was torn off in the storm.

“The school is run by the villagers and does not receive any other support or external funding. The reconstruction of the building is a huge financial task for the school or the parents of the children. The families of these children are in serious financial difficulty and cannot foot the bill for school fees. Nor the reconstruction of the school building, ” Mohammed said.

It is estimated that $ 6,740 will be needed to renovate the school. So far, only $ 1,634 has been raised. This money is expected to be used to build a modern school, a mini library, offices and a bathroom. Although the full amount was not collected, the funds have been paid to the school and the project is expected to start soon. The funds raised will be used to redo the building’s roof, to coat the walls and to install windows and doors. Although it was not possible to raise the targeted amount to help in other projects, the funds raised will always benefit the students.

“We are grateful to everyone who contributed to this campaign by donating and sharing and making this campaign possible. It would not have been possible to do this without your donations. The team on the ground deserve my gratitude for all the support they have given. Donations to Gofundme are always accepted and people are encouraged to do so. You can find the link here:

Mohammed lamented. ”

“We must do everything in our power to ensure that this building is rebuilt and that its environment is conducive to achieving the goal of educating these children. We urge you to support this project to help these children achieve their dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers, pilots, police officers, athletes, etc. No matter the amount of your donation, everything counts! Make sure it counts! Mohammed said

* Some of the narrations are excerpts from the Gofundme created by Mohammed Bah. It is accessible here

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