Jaron Porciello – Keough School


Areas of expertise: Information and Data Sciences; agriculture and food systems; evidence-based decision making; sustainable and rural development; public policy

Jaron Porciello is a computer scientist interested in the impact of computation and collaboration on human decision-making, particularly in policy and development. It combines the methods of collective intelligence, including research methodologies and group work, with artificial intelligence and machine behavior with the aim of accelerating and understanding how decisions are made.

An expert on issues of evidence, policy, technology and governance, Porciello is editor-in-chief of the journal at the University of Cambridge. Data and Policy. She is CTO for Havos, a start-up specializing in AI-powered decision support consulting services. With colleagues from Keough School, she works with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and 3rd on the USAID-sponsored REAPER project from 2021 to 2022, focusing on improving the speed and completeness of evidence synthesis.

Porciello is a faculty member in the Department of Global Development at Cornell University and a faculty member at the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability. She is the principal investigator and director of Ceres2030: Sustainable solutions to end hunger, a global effort to coordinate the decision-making of G7 donors in the international effort to end hunger and transform the lives of the world’s poorest people.

In October 2020, Porciello led a transformative research collaboration with Nature Research, showcasing the work of eighty-five global researchers from twenty-five countries. She is a former program manager for Research4Life, a public-private partnership of United Nations agencies, publishers and universities. She also managed an economic and member-driven sustainability initiative for arXiv.org and was the director of TEEAL, one of the world’s oldest programs aimed at making journals easier to access for scientists in developing countries. .


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