Inspired by film, institution offers free education to children of Kashmiri pundits | Mangaluru News

Mangaluru: Inspired by the film The Kashmir Files, which depicts the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from the disputed region of Kashmir, Subrahmanya Nattoja, founder of Ambika Padavi Poorva Vidyalaya, Puttur, not only traveled to Jammu with his family , but also announced free education for children of Kashmiri Pandits.
“After seeing the film, I was moved by the plight of the Kashmiri Hindus and wanted to do something to help them. I organized a screening for almost 1,000 students of the institute. I decided to take my family to Jammu so that my son and daughter would be aware of the issues they are facing,” he said.
On April 21, they traveled to Jagati in Jammu, where hundreds of Kashmiri Pandit families had resettled after fleeing their homes in the valley during the terrorist insurgency of the 1990s. met had a tragic story to tell. I then went to Jammu Press Club and announced that our institute would provide free education to children of Kashmiri pundits. We were told that there were around 500 families in Srinagar, with a few families having moved to Bengaluru. Our sole objective is to ensure that no child is deprived of education due to the financial crisis,” he said.
The institution will cover tuition and accommodation costs. The fee for the CBSE school section is around Rs 35,000 and for the PU and diploma section it is around Rs 45,000. Additionally, the hostel fee is around Rs 80,000 per student.
“So far, three registrations have been received under the Kashmiri Pundits Free Education Scheme, one boy for sixth grade and two girls for PU education for the next school year, which starts in June. . We also received four other requests. Parents fear sending their children 3,000 km away to pursue their studies. We told them they could send their kids in groups so they wouldn’t get homesick. It will be our responsibility to take care of the children,” he said.

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