Hayajneh urges to vaccinate school and university


Former head of the coronavirus portfolio at the Ministry of Health Wael Hayajneh confirmed on Friday that vaccination of school and university students has now become a necessity.

In a Facebook post, Hayajneh said that now, after schools and universities across the country have reopened, vaccinating students is a must.

Hayajneh also explained that to achieve herd immunity in light of the spread of the Delta mutation, at least 80% of the community must be vaccinated.

He said the percentage of the 5-24 age group in Jordan reached 45 percent, which is a high percentage, and without vaccinating them, “we just can’t achieve herd immunity without involving these. groups in the virus vaccination program ”.

Since the start of the coronavirus vaccination campaign in Jordan, a total of 3,667,344 have been fully vaccinated against the virus.

Earlier on Sunday, a source on the Outbreaks Committee suggested that one of the strict COVID-19 measures that will be issued by the Supreme Executive Committee later Sunday will be to impose partial lockdowns on those who don’t. not been vaccinated against the virus. However, this will happen in the event that occupancy rates in hospitals reach a certain percentage, depending on what the source expected.

The source told Roya that the new measures would also include putting in place a new mechanism to monitor the period of home quarantine for those infected with the coronavirus, in addition to imposing fines on those who frequent the premises. public and the workplace without being vaccinated against the virus. .

Regarding students, the source clarified that the government should start requiring the vaccine for students in grades 7 through 12 if the student wishes to attend in-person instruction.

The source reiterated that the government has no plans to revert to COVID-19 closures.

On Saturday, Minister of Health Feras Al-Hawari confirmed the willingness of the Kingdom’s health sector to deal with the current situation of the coronavirus.

Hawari also stressed during the meeting of the Supreme Framework Committee to deal with the coronavirus pandemic held at the Prime Ministry that the epidemiological situation does not call for a return to all forms of closures and lockdowns that were previously imposed.


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