Happy Royal Int. The school opens its doors … to become Ghana’s favorite institution


… with a recognized reputation for discipline, excellence

The director of Happy Royal International School (HRIS), Ms. Emelia Agbenyenu, indicated that a good education is the roadmap for personal and national development. Therefore, all efforts should be made by parents, guardians and teachers to help children grow up respecting themselves and courageous torchbearers of the world.

She was addressing the official opening and graduation ceremony of Happy Royal International School (HRIS) at Oyarifa in Accra, where she claimed she has always been an unrepentant and unashamed advocate of quality and holistic education, hence her belief that the growth of the children in her care become vital for a prosperous future in Ghana.

“By focusing on all aspects of student growth, we nurture and promote a child’s sense of belonging and achievement through a series of dedicated and powerful teaching and learning activities based on confidence.

The school, she said, strives to make the best possible effort to instill healthy values ​​as well as academic and extracurricular activities in the students.


“It’s just as important that a child is well-behaved in terms of behavior and etiquette. …the theme, “Education, the basis of national development” begins from the foundation of the child. School has a vital role to play in the development of a child into a well-rounded personality. Such an environmentally friendly child is sensitive to social responsibility and also sensitive to the use of school resources and above all he becomes resilient to the challenges of life.

Ms. Emelia Agbenyenu pointed out that HRIS is emerging as one of Ghana’s favorite international schools with a recognized reputation for discipline and excellence despite the school’s youthfulness.

She said it was a new school established in a pandemic year; 2021, the HRIS went through interesting but difficult phases in its creation and its opening.

The COVID-19 pandemic, she admitted, has devastated many schools which have negatively affected all kinds of people and institutions.

“However, I am extremely proud to say that HRIS has never registered a case in the school. The management of this school has worked tirelessly to ensure that the impact of this dreaded disease is mitigated to a very great extent.

Ms. Emelia Agbenyenu said, “Dreams come true, so Dream BIG and make this dream your life. Think it, dream it and live it ”.

The Director of HRIS is confident that parents and the HRIS team will help children grow up as self-respecting and self-respecting torchbearers of the world.

She thanked all the parents who have rested their faith and trust in the Happy Royal International School (HRIS) and the ideals it represents and assured that their “loved ones are in good hands and I am sure our students will make you and us proud.

Guest speaker Ms Florence Esi Damali, former director of education for the Municipality of GA East also called on parents and teachers to make education the foundation of national development, ensuring that they provide a holistic education that covers all dimensions of our society life; Cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills.

She also urged them to ensure that children receive the acquisition of the head knowledge, the development of manual skills and the formation of the attitude of the heart necessary to propel their development.

Ms. Florence Esi Damali said that the aim of education is to train in the acquisition of the knowledge of the head, the development of manual skills and the formation of the attitude of the heart. Therefore, for a nation to develop, it must develop the skills of its people in the areas of knowledge. , skills and attitude. “In the light of this observation, I share and share the theme of this event – “Education, the foundation of national development ”.

She lamented, however, that most educational institutions focus on acquiring knowledge at the expense of developing skills.

and the formation of attitudes.

This, according to Ms Damali, leads to most graduates lacking the basic skills required to be entrepreneurs, which ultimately increases unemployment.

She said; “Again, most of the social vices such as corruption, the ruthless exploitation of our natural resources, in our case the activities of Galamsey which destroyed our bodies of water are manifestations of a lack of relevant attitudes. such as honesty, respect for nature, service with integrity and excellence. among many others.

She believes that in order to make education the foundation of national development, conscious efforts must be made to ensure that we provide a holistic education that covers all dimensions of our social life – cognitive, emotional and psychomotor skills.

“I recommend the theory of multiple intelligence developed by renowned American psychologist Howard Gardner in 1983. Gardner argues that there are nine (9) different levels of intelligence that educational institutions should seek to develop. These are the naturalistic, musical, logical-mathematical, existential, interpersonal, linguistic, bodily-kinetic, intra-personal and spatial intelligences.

She added that when “we focus on these dimensions of intelligence, we will develop learners with skills in the areas of respect for nature (naturalistic), respect and tolerance of others (interpersonal skills), sport, body and kinesiology, among others. I am sure we have several Asamoah Gyans, Ayews, Hussain Bolts, Ephraim Amos and many more among our children gathered here. It is our duty to nurture them and bring out their respective talents for national development. “

Ms. Esi Damali also urged parents and guardians to take into consideration the hallmark of Happy Royal International School, which is based on honesty, quality, excellence, decency, discipline and integrity and to do their best for their children.

“Creating an environment conducive to teaching and learning is a shared responsibility. I humbly urge you to play your respective roles to complement the efforts of the management and teachers of this school, ”she advised.



HRIS, one of Ghana’s rising international schools with a recognized reputation for discipline and excellence is considered number one in the community of Oyarifa and surrounding areas due to the quality of the courses the school offers to students. children despite the fact that it is at the young stage of its establishment.

The Happy Royal International School (HRIS) was imagined by the CEO, Mr. Happy K. Agbenyenu, who brought up the idea of ​​creating the school a few years ago.

His passion, dedication and quest to add quality to children’s lives gave birth to the dream of creating HRIS.

School activities marking the official opening and graduation ceremony were sponsored by Healtkit Pharmacy Ltd., Milife Insurance Company, Bel-aqua mineral water, Indomie, Bel drinks, Yumvita, Kalypo and Vita milk.

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