Egyptian Cabinet: Compulsory Coronavirus Vaccination for School and University Staff and Students Over 18


A health worker holds a syringe and a vial of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine in Cairo, Egypt, March 4, 2021. (Reuters)

CAIRO – August 21, 2021: Nader Saad, spokesperson for the Egyptian Cabinet, has declared that vaccination against the coronavirus will be compulsory for everyone involved in the educational process in Egypt.

Saad added, in a telephone interview with the Al Hayah Al Youm program on Saturday evening that the vaccination will be free for all public and private university students, school pupils over 18 and teaching staff.

The Cabinet spokesperson urged parents to encourage their students to get vaccinated in order to avoid the panic that occurs among them with each new wave of the Coronavirus.

He noted that Egypt is still committed to the 18-year-old rule as the minimum limit for vaccination.

Saad said a ruling will be made by the prime minister to regulate the conditions of those who refuse to receive the vaccine.

He pointed out that compulsory vaccination has already been applied to the tourism sector, with a positive impact on encouraging the return of foreign tourism.

Egypt plans to provide a vaccine against the coronavirus to workers, employees, teachers and anyone in the education sector before the new school year.

So far, Egypt has reported more than 286,000 cases of the coronavirus and more than 16,654 deaths.


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