Education Week 2022: Wagga Area Public School Prepares to Celebrate “Creating Futures – Education Changes Lives” | The Daily Advertiser

DANCE: Amayah Morgan of the Ashmont Public School First Nations Dance Group performing in the community.

A good education can change a life and help students create their own future, and this is a call for celebration.

Public Schools in NSW will celebrate Education Week from August 1, highlighting the achievements of their schools, students and education system with the theme ‘Creating Futures – Education Changes Lives’ .

Public schools continue to celebrate how far their students and learners have come, focusing on how they are creating a future for their students, staff and families.

From early days in daycare to post-school journeys, the public education system aims to prepare young people to be agile thinkers and lifelong learners.

During Education Week, all types of learning are celebrated, from early childhood, through primary and secondary school, and continue into adulthood: learning a trade, entering in higher education or in the labor market.

Learning opportunities in public schools go beyond the classroom and include academic, athletic, cultural, and wellness growth.

Learning may be different for each student and local public schools are equipped to provide learning support for all.

Local Education Week celebrations will include online events, school celebrations and the familiar static displays in Wagga Market Square.

Schools will communicate their events, including through their social media pages.

Opportunities at all levels

There are many examples of how the region’s public schools are creating futures and changing lives – embodying the theme of this year’s Education Week.

Students progress through their educational milestones as they transition from early childhood settings through elementary, secondary, TAFE, college, or the workforce.

Each stage is supported by alliances between teachers, parents and guardians as they work together to build a bright future for students.

At all local public schools in the region, strong communication, collaboration and connections with the community help children build relationships and connections to help make every transition as seamless as possible.

Transition-to-kindergarten programs feature prominently in all public schools and, combined with preschool experiences, provide a solid foundation for future learning.

Many kindergarten students are about to celebrate their first 100 days of school.

Schools seized the opportunity to get involved again in forays, excursions, sporting and cultural events, with school calendars filled with activities and experiences.

Easter parades, STEM challenges, sports carnivals and NAIDOC celebrations come together to create a mosaic of memories.

School resources are helping to create positive learning environments, including new playgrounds for students in Red Hill Public and Lake Albert, as well as the start of reconstruction of classrooms at Wagga Public School .

Mount Austin Secondary School, in conjunction with the NRMA and Wagga Town Council, provided senior year students with support to earn their driving hours.

They obtain their provisional permits while each of the high schools in the region offers post-school courses such as TAFE, internship and university.

Education Week highlights the wonderful achievements that occur at all levels of public education.

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