Coaching institution FIITJEE launches e-School

FIITJEE (, which was founded in 1992, the leader in competitive exam preparation for the K-12 segment in offline mode, is now launching its e-school.

FIITJEE prepares students for various competitions, namely JEE Advanced, JEE Main, KVPY, NTSE, Olympiad. His rich heritage of producing extraordinary success stories is unparalleled in the industry. Please visit for details.

FIITJEE brings its offline coaching expertise online, launches FIITJEE eSchool – an EDTECH initiative to offer online preparatory class program LIVE (with two-way communication)

FIITJEE is the first offline coaching institute in India to embrace technology and proactively launch products/services with student welfare in mind.

Past Initiatives First Launched by an Offline Coaching Institute in India

FIITJEE launched Online Computer Based Test (CBT) a few weeks after IIT announced the migration of JEE Advanced to online mode. FIITJEE held November 10, 2017 on November 10, 2017 in more than 90 cities, more than 130 test centers and more than 50,000 concurrent candidates.

FIITJEE moved all of its preparatory classes offline to online mode immediately after Janta’s curfew was announced in March 2020. Not a single group of students was affected due to the pandemic and the preventive lockdown that followed. Continuity of learning was of paramount importance.

FIITJEE conducted an online home-proctored test on August 2, 2020. This was a scholarship admission test. The proctored online test was supervised by software to ensure candidate identity and exam integrity.

FIITJEE eSchool (, a wholly owned subsidiary of FIITJEE Limited, is an initiative of EDTECH to develop its offline teaching capabilities using technology. As a result, students residing in small towns/villages who do not have access to quality preparatory services in their vicinity, do not need to relocate to a large city, they can now access classroom preparatory services from FIITJEE in the form of LIVE online classes (with 2 communication) from the comfort and safe environment of their home.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Partha Halder said, “FIITJEE eSchool is the best opportunity for children residing in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to access quality competition coaching that is available in cities. metropolitan areas like Delhi”. Our best teachers would be available to mentor the students. Further adding, he said, with the use of technology, each student will be tracked on their progress at the micro level and feedback will be given accordingly.

FIITJEE Limited (, the parent company, has a rich heritage of over 30 years of preparing for competitions in the K-12 space. With a network of over 65 training centers in India and the Middle East, with a staff of over 3000 employees, 65% of the workforce are academics graduated from top-notch colleges/universities in India, FIITJEE has developed a robust and scalable teaching pedagogy to help children discover their potential and help them realize it.

Success stories of children in various competitions like IITJEE (JEE Advanced & JEE Main), KVPY, NTSE & Olympiads are unparalleled ( testify to this very fact.

At FIITJEE eSchool, we will bring the expertise of offline education to the online platform and help children wherever they are physically to leverage our abilities to achieve their goal.

Who can really benefit from FIITJEE eSchool?

– JEE aspirants residing in cities where there is no access to quality education in their neighborhood. Now they don’t have to move to a big city and stay in a hostel. They can simply attend live classes from home.

– Class VI/VII/VIII/IX/X students residing in Tier 2/3 cities where there is a lack of competition exposure, career guidance and preparation had to wait to reach the class XI to even think about moving to a bigger city. Now they can all access and enjoy online services.

– Parents of girl students often fear sending their child to another city for preparation for entry into engineering now that they can take classes from the comfort of their own home.

– Students from weaker financial backgrounds used to take advantage of FIITJEE’s Fortunate 40 program to get a tuition waiver, but still found it difficult to move to a bigger city due to various other constraints. Now they can stay back and take online courses and fulfill their dream.

Thus, from now on, the preparation for the FIITJEE competitions will no longer be restricted according to geographical limits.

Published on: Monday 07 February 2022, 14:01 IST

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