Burnaby Public School students awarded $6.8 million in scholarships

The school district’s class of 22 has won financial rewards ranging from a few hundred dollars to $100,000.

The class of 22 from the Burnaby School District won a total of $6.8 million in scholarships and bursaries this year.

Prices range from a few hundred dollars to $100,000.

“Every dollar helps students achieve their post-secondary dreams,” says a school district press release.

The biggest winners from local public schools are Moscrop School high school graduate Anna Muyan Li, who won a $100,000 engineering prize from the University of Toronto; Burnaby Mountain high school graduate Sarah Lennon, who won an $80,000 UBC Centennial Scholars award; and Ervin Cadiz, a graduate of Byrne Creek Community School, who won a $70,000 TD Fellowship for Community Leadership.

Burnaby Central Secondary graduates have won a number of athletic awards, including three major women’s soccer scholarships given to three graduates of the Central Soccer Academy in partnership with the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Ava Wright and Andrea Kraetzer earned athletic scholarships from Arizona State, while Olivia Ahern got one from the University of Texas.

And 17 local graduates received Beedie Luminaries scholarships of up to $40,000 each for their post-secondary education:

  • Silin Ali, Cariboo Hill
  • Anson Bao, Burnaby North
  • Emmanuel Fasan, Moscrop
  • Matthew Fung, Moscrop
  • Saudah Gazi, Burnaby South
  • Samantha Harris, Cariboo Hill
  • Insha Majeed, Mount Burnaby
  • Marlaina Korsa, Burnaby Center
  • Ryan Leung, Byrne Creek
  • Kimberley Lowe, Moscrop
  • Maelle McCallum, Mount Burnaby
  • Anita Mirshami, Burnaby North
  • Megan Mugford, Mount Burnaby
  • Masihullah Mohammad Rafi, Mount Burnaby
  • Ozair Siddiqui, Moscrop
  • Damion Tran, Moscrop
  • Richard Zou, Burnaby North

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