Board of Ed – More important than any other institution

Posted: Mar 03, 2022 4:25 PM

For the editor,

In the real life of our children and our community, I think boards of directors are now more important than the president, Congress, the Supreme Court or any other institution.

The pandemic of the past two years has forced parents to become more involved in their children’s education and what they have found may have been horrifying to some, like me, who think academia has judged the America as consistently unwelcoming and racist.

I believe his solution was to focus on the physical and social differences of the students…and then divide them into fanatics and victims. It was then believed that this ideology was encoded in the curricula and transmitted by “professionally trained” teachers.

I think many parents have found this ideology to permeate all aspects of academia, from college to graduate school…from the American Federation of Teachers to the Nat’l Assoc of School Boards. “Cancel culture,” “revivalism,” and indiscriminate accusations of racism have seemingly dominated and, in some cases, actively suppressed opposing viewpoints.

Looking around, these parents found that this approach produced tribalism, recrimination, and dysfunction as opposed to unity. But in protesting, they may have found themselves largely alone.

If our children, our schools and our culture are to be saved, it will be through local BOEs. They alone understand Byzantine academia well enough to instill a modicum of common sense for the protection of our children.

This is now happening all over the country. If the San Francisco school board can be reformed like it was last week, the writing is on the wall for radicals everywhere.

Our BOE contains great people who have inherited a terrible array of problems that are not their fault. Some have been subjected to scandalous incivility and intimidation even before the previous elections.

Support our BOE reformers as they strive to promote true education and defend our children against radicalism of all stripes. They are more important than any other of our institutions.

Tony Keating

New city

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