Blackburn Central High School Academy Consultation


A high school made an offer to become an academy.

Blackburn Central High School (BCHS) offered to partner with Crosshill School and form a multi-academy trust.

The schools have opened a consultation and are seeking the advice of parents.

Schools on Haslingden Road, near the Royal Blackburn Hospital, have said they want to “secure and leverage their strengths” following recent “good” ratings from Ofsted.

If the schools were to achieve academy status, only St Bede’s RC High School and Our Lady and St John College of Catholic Art would be under Blackburn control with the control of the Darwen Council.

Crosshill School teaches 11-16 year olds with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Diane Atkinson, Director of BCHS, said: “The governing bodies recognize that it is clear that our schools will at some point need to partner or join a multi-academy trust in order to work together, to create efficiencies. and raise standards.

“It would be about growing a family of inclusive schools that want the best for our children.

“The time has come for BCHS and Crosshill to form a multi-academy trust.

“Our proposal is that BCHS and Crosshill convert to academy status on April 1, 2019.

“The governing bodies wish to consult with parents, caregivers, staff and students on BCHS’s proposal with Crosshill to convert to academy status.”

The conversion to an academy would free the schools from the control of the local authorities.

This would allow schools to take charge of their finances, give more freedom over the national curriculum and take charge of their admissions.

The £ 24million site opened in 2012 following the relocation of Blakewater College and Crosshill School.

The center has outdoor art studios, all-season sports fields, recording studios and workshops to give students a taste of the working world.

Cllr Maureen Bateson, Blackburn with executive member of the Darwen Board of Education, said: “We will be interested to see what the results of the consultation will be and what parents have to say. The school has every right to to apply for academy status. ”

The consultation period runs until December 14.

The governing body will then consider the responses before making its final decision.

Anyone with questions can speak to Ms. Atkinson and a selection of principals on Mondays between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. at the school.


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