Bismarck State College is officially a polytechnic institution

During a press conference held at Bismarck State College on Wednesday, December 1, senior school officials shared details of the official transformation of the BSC into a polytechnic institution.

It was explained how the Polytechnic Advantage will help students move forward. Practical, concrete and targeted learning. Flexible career paths that will suit its students better. Professional relationships to enrich their careers. Overall a more flexible, affordable, and transferable experience at Bismarck State College.

This model allows students to combine multiple academic programs (skill sets) to create personalized college degrees with industry-recognized credentials. These specialized programs and degrees are created in partnership with industry professionals and can be short-term, flexible, and adaptable to meet the needs of students and industry.

A polytechnic is supported by the private sector as it integrates industry knowledge and skills into the education of the future student workforce and provides a direct transition to the workplace. Ultimately, this will help produce state-wide sustainable economic development.

Students are drawn to a polytechnic because each career path is customizable to all their needs. Including opportunities to obtain credentials, certificates, associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. This process can actually begin in high school for the student, providing a smooth transition from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to higher education in a highly demanded career. Opportunities such as the Bismarck Public School Career Academy, which operates through a partnership with Bismarck State College. Students, taxpayers and the private sector are also realizing significant savings.

They hope to inaugurate a new polytechnic building in 2022, with the facility open to students in 2024.

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