Birkenhead High School Academy Principal Says His ZERO Food Hygiene Score is a ‘Blip’


The principal of Birkenhead High School Academy said the school had cleaned up its act, after receiving a zero food hygiene score.

In December, the girls’ academy, which teaches students aged three to 18, was inspected by the Food Standards Agency, which said “urgent improvement is needed.”

As a result of the inspection, principal Rebecca Mahony closed the school kitchen for a day, during which she said that a “deep cleaning” had taken place as well as a “recycling of everything. the staff”.

She added: “In December, a food safety inspection found that urgent improvements were needed in the kitchen.

“We took immediate action and closed the kitchen for a day for a thorough cleaning of the equipment and refresher training for all of our staff.

“We were re-inspected the next day and reopened the next day. “

Although the academy has subscribed to all the necessary improvements required, to a level that has allowed them to reopen and use their kitchen the next day, its accreditation will not be revalued for at least three months, when booking a other check.

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There are currently only two other schools – Cliftonville Country Primary School in Kent and Drayton Manor High School in London – that have a grade of zero.

Principal Mahony said she was confident the academy would once again get its “excellent” grade on re-inspection.

She said: “Everything is now in place and we are now working with our contractors to set aside a time for a re-inspection.

“I am fully happy that when we are re-inspected we will once again achieve our excellent food hygiene rating.

“It was a small incident before Christmas and it is very unfortunate that people are focusing on the negatives when there are so many more positive things going on at the Academy.”

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