BBAU Holds Alumni Reunion and Inaugurates Cycle Financial Institution

Up to 200 alumni of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University (BBAU), Lucknow crowded the campus throughout the school’s alumni reunion-2022 on Saturday.

On occasion, a cycle bank was also inaugurated to inspire mainstream scholars to park their cars in parking lots and use bicycles to reduce air pollution.

The sponsor of the scheme, Vice-Chancellor Aacharya Sanjay Singh commended the affiliation of alumni to the status quo of the financial institution of the cycle.

He said that alumni are the ambassadors of any institute’s logo and their contribution is very powerful in the growth of the institute and the advancement of its current scholars. He said, “Alumni can act as mentors for current students.” He discussed with the alumni the desire to provide financial assistance for the development of the university.

The VC also updated everyone on the college’s NIRF rating growth and explained that BBAU has become the second most popular college among students admitted through CUET. He also spoke of plans to begin competency-based courses to advance students in the field of entrepreneurship.

Principal Development Visitor Mukesh Meshram, Principal Secretary, Tourism and Tradition, said alumni are the heritage of any institution and countries around the world have recognized the contribution of alumni in building an institution.

Along with this, he also talked about the scholarship offered by the federal government for analysis outside the country and recommended creating a motive to track researchers who were looking to travel to another country for analysis.

He said, “The names of such students should be sent by the university to the government so that the student can do a great job in higher education and research by getting financial support from the government.”

Program Visitor of Honor Kunwar Shashank, Mentor of Social Innovation and Incubation Mission of Ambedkar, Government of India, said that our alumni are preparing a lucky plan for our generations in the long term. These alumni become mentors and policy makers after us. Their choices play a crucial role in the growth of the hardy. He evoked the rising passion of the adolescence of the rustic within the box of the entrepreneurship.

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