Alejandro Estefan – Keough School

Areas of expertise: Development economics; labor economics; Public finance; macroeconomic policy

Alejandro Estefan is Assistant Professor of Development Economics at the Keough School of Global Affairs in Notre Dame.

The main objective of his research is to understand the causes of economic development to inform political decision-making. He studies many key topics in development economics, including the factors that lift people out of poverty; the effects of public investments in schooling; women’s participation in the labor market and its impact on gender-based violence; and state capacity and tax revenue collection.

Estefan’s research approach is based on the application of rigorous econometric techniques to uncover the crucial causal mechanisms that underpin economic development, through the analysis of longitudinal datasets and the use of theory. structural. To this end, his research emphasizes multilateral collaboration between academic institutions, local authorities and independent international research institutes to provide access to high-quality administrative records.

Previously, Estefan was a researcher at the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London and at the Center for the Economics of Human Development at the University of Chicago. His previous professional experience includes working as a political analyst for the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico. He received his PhD from University College London in 2019, where the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council supported his doctoral research.

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