Al Faleh board records double-digit growth in school and university enrollment

Al Faleh Educational Holding, a venture capital-listed entity that manages Doha Academy Schools and AFG College, expects to improve results on the back of robust double-digit enrollment growth. students in his school and university.

“We expect the number of students in schools to increase by 12% and in universities by 15%, which will positively affect the company’s profits,” the company said after the announcement. of its board meeting, chaired by Sheikha Dr Aisha Faleh al-Thani.
During the meeting, the chairman of the audit and risk committee presented the results of the committee’s previous meeting to the board.
In addition, the Board of Directors has approved a number of governance policies and charters in accordance with its annual review, following the recommendation and approval of its respective Board Committees, in accordance with the Governance Code. from the Qatar Securities and Markets Authority for companies and legal entities listed on the main market for an additional level of transparency for shareholders.
Policies, including the Corporate Governance Charter/Manual, Board Charter, Dividend Policy, Audit and Risk Committee Charter and Nomination and Remuneration Charter, will be updated. available to investors and potential investors on the Company’s website.
The board also approved the organizational structure based on the recommendation of the nomination and remuneration committee, which is aligned with the company’s plans for growth and expansion of operations.
Additionally, the Board of Directors has approved corporate policies and procedures, effective August 21, 2022, where the policies are to be evaluated and reviewed by the respective department head on an annual basis.
The board of directors was informed of the state of progress of the internal control over financial information (ICOFR) and was informed that it was at the final stages of the procedures and that the company had to prepare its report on the internal controls.
The CFO presented to the Board the budget for the 2022/23 financial year and the main financial/operational inputs that were taken into consideration.

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