Akshay Anand, ED Pratibha Pallavan Public School shares his perspective on the education system

The Indian education system has improved in recent years. There has been the introduction of various programs and new curricula with the mental well-being of children in mind. Akshay Anand, Director of Education, Pratibhha Pallavan Educational Group, is one such person who is revolutionizing the education sector. Man aims to reform the conditions for the betterment of society. He himself completed his studies at the Pratibha Pallavan Educational Group and has been striving to improve conditions since 2015. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer technology from Bhopal, but then found himself drawn to this industry and its envy. to make a change for good. .
In this interview, Akshay Anand spoke about his experience and work and everything he has in mind for his future in education.

1. What was your epiphany moment to start your own school and colleges?
I was educated at Pratibha Pallavan Public School itself and then went to Delhi to finish high school, then moved to Bhopal to continue my studies in Computer Engineering at RGPV, Bhopal. During these times, I realized that there was a huge gap between my previous studies in Jehanabad and what I am currently doing in the so called big cities. I started to explore how to bridge the gap and make quality education accessible to all, and with this motto in mind, I joined the Pratibha Pallavan Group of Education in 2015. I tried to improve the standards of education. education in what we receive in the Metropolitan.

2. What are all the special courses and programs offered by your school?
Our school is a senior secondary school affiliated with CBSE and we provide quality education to the entire Magadh chain of Bihar, Jehanabad and neighboring areas such as Masaurhi, Ghoshi, Telhara, etc.

3. What is your USP and how do you do something different from other schools?
Since 1993 our school has produced various toppers which work successfully in different areas of life. We have a clear motto to not only educate children, but also accelerate the overall personality development of students with quality education. We have all the facilities that we get in metropolises like fully functional smart classrooms, full online education with our personalized Pratibha Pallavan Public School app that helps students and teachers in the time of Covid-19 . When everything was completely shut down due to government orders to follow Covid protocols, our education system at Pratibha Pallavan Public School never stopped due to the sound technology we have available. We also deliver complete sports facilities, which was also in demand at the time. Our students have performed exceptionally well at various sporting events at the district, state and national level. Our teachers are well experienced in their subjects to provide excellence to our students.

4. What has been the mantra for success that has led you to effectively bring new ideas to the table?
When I joined the education group Pratibha Pallavan in 2015, it took me a year to assess and assimilate the gap in the education system, and then when I started to implement the improvements, the chairman of the group, Dr Abhiram Singh, took it firsthand and appreciated my efforts and thoughtfulness in bridging the gap. From there I have never looked back and made effective changes to the system and this is how we are at the top of the table when it comes to providing top level education.

5. What are your future plans to develop and grow your business?
If you take a look at our school’s academic results since 2015, you will notice that we have had many District Toppers in a row over the past four years. In addition, the subdivisions are superior to Masaurhi with 97, 98 and 99% of result. This in itself gives us the motivation to work harder and harder to achieve excellence.
We will soon be opening a university in Jehanabad itself so that our students can also get a competitive quality education. In our district, this will cater to those looking for higher education and for whom they previously had to visit other states and cities. My next plan is to start a school in Delhi NCR with the motto of educational reforms. I just want to offer all classes a quality education accessible to all.

At a time when people find it difficult to meet their own needs and consider it a privilege to help others, Akshay Anand, has been working towards a wonderful goal with the greatest dedication to the field of education which is the basis for the creation of the future generation of our country. We thank Akshay Anand for answering our questions and wish him good luck in his future endeavors.

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