Akshay Anand, Chief Executive of Pratibha Pallavan Public School, shares his perspective on how they are delivering education despite the pandemic

January 13: Akshay Anand, the General Manager of Pratibha Pallavan Public School shares his perspective on how education should be delivered despite the pandemic and how Pratibha Pallavan Public School contributes to this worthy cause. He also shares insights on how they go about achieving this. Below are excerpts from the conversation we had with Akshay Anand about how they provide Covid education. In times of pandemic, what has the School done to sustain education?


In these dark times, it is important to remember that there are still people who do good. This week we sit down with Akshay Anand, Pedagogical Director of Pratibha Pallavan Public School and talk about how he continues to deliver high quality education in a country where so many people have perished due to Covid. He’s an inspiring guy!

Our approach

In these times of such a dangerous pandemic, most schools and parents are afraid that their children will be infected or sick. However, at our school, we believe it is crucial to continue our routines and educate students despite such dangers. Our students were vaccinated against Covid as soon as the government launched vaccination campaigns for those under 18. However, we have developed our own app to continue delivering educational excellence. We strictly follow and adhere to government guidelines to ensure that our children do not become infected.

Results to date for Pratibha Pallavan Public School

Akshay says that despite shifting to online mode, our students have secured our legacy of being 10th Class CBSE, District Topper, Jehanabad over the past four years by achieving 99% grades in 2021. 30 of our students obtained more than 90% marks. “This is nothing new for Pratibha Pallavan Public School, our students are thriving in different areas of life because not only are we educating them, but we are developing the ability to earn in their habit with the education system holistic approach that we have been developing since 1993, says Dr. Abhiram Singh, Chairman Pratibha Pallavan Education Group. Our efforts would have been considered significant in an ordinary time of our country’s history. However, he says, they will seem insignificant by about what we intend to do to provide quality education accessible to all.

The future plan of the Pratibha Pallavan group

Akshay and his team have planned a five-year plan which can be seen below. The school is growing rapidly, with more than 5000 students currently enrolled in their school (the age range of students is 5 to 13 years old). With Akshay’s management skills, he was able to set up a stage for Jehanabad Itself University groups to offer much more to the community. Akshay is also planning through his group to set up a world-class educational infrastructure in the form of a school in the Delhi-NCR area. This will help to develop the educational infrastructure of the state and countries and produce quality assets for society.


The coming school year brings a new problem for many in India. Many schools have been forced to close for months as Covid has ravaged major cities in eastern India. However, even after most schools across Jehanabad and Bihar were closed, one school remained open Pratibha Pallavan Public School (PPPS). The school has been praised for its dedication to education in times of crisis, and it’s not hard to see why.

About Akshay Anand, ED Pratibha Pallavan Public School

Akshay Anand is an educationalist and entrepreneur who has been part of the Pratibha Pallavan Education Group since 2005. He is the Educational Director of Pratibha Pallavan Public School. Akshay did Computer Engineering at RGPV, Bhopal. He was instrumental in creating a “virtual classroom” and the Pratibha Pallavan app using technology when schools were forced to close due to the covid 19 pandemic.

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