Academy Prep non-profit school honors young scholars of St. Petersburg


The Preparation Center at the St. Petersburg Academy is hosting its annual Fellowship Breakfast, presented by TechData, on Thursday, October 22 at 9:00 a.m. This event normally takes place in person, but in these unprecedented times, Academy Prep has chosen to move to a virtual event. Proceeds will be used to fund the Student Scholarship Fund.

Breakfast for Scholars brings together members of the St. Petersburg community to learn how the unique educational program offered at Academy Prep prepares the next generation of leaders in our region, to celebrate the success of current Academy Prep students, and to honor one of their deserving graduates. with the Ben Fisher Alumni Mentoring Award.

You can pre-register for this event for free here.

Academy Prep is a non-profit college in St. Petersburg that was founded in 1997. It is inspired by the Nativity Miguel network of schools, which has helped economically disadvantaged children use and value their education.

In our society, we face a general lack of access to quality education in a stable and supportive environment. Tampa Bay students deserve to have their dreams of success nurtured. Academy Prep aims to inspire and empower students to become future community leaders through a rigorous college curriculum coupled with ongoing graduate support.

Academy Prep achieves this goal in three main ways: by providing exemplary college and college education, extensive extracurricular and enrichment activities, and a minimum of eight years of one-on-one support to all high school, college, and college graduates. their careers. Since 2005, when the Graduate Support Program was implemented, Academy Prep has recorded a high school graduation rate of 97%.

Earlier this year, Academy Prep has taken swift action to protect their students and families during the pandemic by intensely preparing for the transition to a virtual learning environment. As a result, Academy Prep is now serving more students than ever before and experiencing record retention rates. Students continue to receive the personalized attention and dynamic learning environment that characterizes an AP education leading to high levels of engagement, consistent attendance, outstanding standardized test scores, and positive academic results.

Academy Prep always comes together for a virtual summons each morning where the 139 academics, teachers, faculty and staff come together for inspiring messages and to collectively recite their inspiring academic engagement. They have a dedicated full-time faculty and AmeriCorps Fellows who inspire students to do their best every day in a comprehensive curriculum consisting of core academic courses, specialty courses such as foreign languages ​​and physical education, and engaging enrichment activities.

Academy Prep offers invaluable resources and a wide range of experiences to its students. This fall, students took part in engaging new virtual activities such as Basketball Breakdown, Creative Writing, Rap / Beat Making, Nature and Film, STEM / Robotics, Brain Games, Self Care Club, Girls’ Club, Leadership, Comics and Anime Creation, Dance and Music. Students always receive individualized attention and can request additional help with their basic evening classes during the virtual study room.

Students who attend Academy Prep must qualify for the federal free or discounted school meals program, setting their income near the US poverty line. With the pandemic limiting students’ contact with school, Academic Prep created a weekly pickup plan to ensure students can still receive the healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack that are provided to them on a regular basis.

Recently, Academy Prep installed a new, small, free library on campus in honor of International Literacy Day. The Small Free Library is a free book exchange. Currently, it is filled with more than 100 various books intended for college students. The objective is to inspire the love of reading in our community and to encourage the exchange of neighborhood books.

This school holds such a special place in the heart of our community. These students are the best and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Breakfast for Academy Preparation Fellows is Thursday, October 22 at 9:00 a.m. Don’t forget to pre-register for this event free of charge here.

I Love the Burg is a proud sponsor of Breakfast for Scholars.

Virtual referrals are available! Please contact Lacey Miller, Director of Development at 727.322.0800 x 2109 or

IIf you cannot attend Breakfast for Scholars but still wish to make a gift to support Academy Prep Scholars, please visit:

All proceeds will go directly to the Student Scholarship Fund at Academy Prep.


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