Debt restructuring despite negative credit bureau

There are various options for debt restructuring despite a negative credit bureau. You can find out which debt restructuring model is recommended for your personal restructuring loan in the article.

Take advantage of credit opportunities

Take advantage of credit opportunities

The desire for debt restructuring despite a negative credit bureau can be implemented at various levels. Debt rescheduling of a small loan amount is possible, for example, to invalidate an active negative entry. If all negative credit bureau entries are marked “done”, there is even the chance of a comprehensive loan reorganization. A two-stage model is recommended for most. In the first stage, a foreign credit without credit bureau ensures the exemption from active negative entries. In the second stage, all liabilities are recorded and refinanced to form an overall loan.

Even if the starting point is difficult, the loan reorganization can be carried out independently. The help of a commercial renovator must be refused in any case. Professional debt restructuring is heavily advertised, and credit experts often manage to summarize all liabilities. The only problem is the growing mountain of debt. Professional help costs a lot of money. In a financial emergency, nobody has this money on the “high edge”. So it is co-financed. Instead of a permanent improvement in the economic situation, the problems are only shifted to the future.

Only non-profit debt counseling centers offer help for debt restructuring that is professional and free of charge. With a list of all liabilities and the current documents “armed”, a visit to a counseling center is highly recommended. After reviewing the documents, the consultant can help with valuable information. If he supports two levels of debt restructuring, a foreign loan can initiate the debt restructuring despite a negative credit bureau.

Credit bureau-free loan for debt restructuring

Auslandskreditbank - credit bureau-free loan for debt restructuring

In the search for a credit bureau-free loan for debt rescheduling, nobody has to deal with the advertising of credit intermediaries for a long time. Since 2009, the variety of offers in Swiss loans has finally been lost. At present, as far as is known, only a foreign credit institution can legally grant credit bureau-free loans to Germans. It is nice credit bank based in Liechtenstein. The loan can be applied for directly without an intermediary. As far as is understandable, the credit offers of all reputable credit intermediaries, regardless of how they are advertised, relate to this credit bank.

Credit opportunities only exist if the prospective customer does a job that is subject to social security contributions. The employment relationship must have existed for at least 12 months. It cannot be limited or terminated. (Exemption for time soldiers). Labor income secures the credit. It must therefore not be attached or assigned to a creditor. The debt restructuring despite a negative credit bureau is carried out with a credit bureau-free standard loan. Only two loan amounts are offered for this.

A loan of USD 3,500 is possible at an APR of 11.62 percent. A single person without any maintenance obligations must provide at least a net income of USD 1,130 for lending. Repayments will be made in 40 equal monthly installments of $ 105.95. The second available loan amount is 5,000 USD. For this loan without credit bureau 11.61 percent effective annual interest is calculated. The repayment will also be made in 40 equal monthly installments, this time a ‘151.35 USD. To qualify for a $ 5,000 debt rescheduling loan, a monthly net income – as a single person – of $ 1,600 is required.

The figures always refer to direct loan applications without intermediaries. The agency costs are added. If all negative credit bureau entries are now marked “done”, the second stage of debt restructuring can be initiated.

Debt restructuring with a credit bureau entry

Debt restructuring with a credit bureau entry

If only one completed negative entry is noted in the credit bureau, then new credit opportunities open up, at least in the medium term. A loan despite credit bureau from Germany is now possible again. When checking the credit bureau free of charge every year, not only the credit bureau excerpt is transmitted. credit bureau also shares the score. If the score is again at least H, then debt restructuring in spite of negative credit bureau from private is interesting. 

Debt rescheduling through a loan from private lenders rather than from a credit bank is advisable because the interest rates are usually much more moderate. A debt rescheduling despite a negative credit bureau from a credit bank, the extra loan from Fine Bank would be possible, will be expensive. An extra loan is possible despite poor creditworthiness, but it costs 11.95 percent APR.

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